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Half-day SEMINAR – ‘Fragments and their Contexts’

‘Fragments and their Contexts’ is a half day seminar being organised by Heritage Malta on Saturday 14 October at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta. This seminar will focus on a very particular facet of cultural heritage which is less obvious and even less visible than others, but which is inherent to any endaevour […]

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‘The Science Time Machine’, at the National Museum of Archaeology during Science in the City

During Science in the City, Heritage Malta’s Diagnostic Science Laboratories (DSL) will offer to the general public the opportunity to learn more about how scientists explore and investigate cultural heritage objects using various systems at their disposal. Apart from other diagnostic systems, DSL utilises the Micro X-Ray Flourescence (µ-XRF) system to analyse non-invasively. In addition […]

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Autumn Equinox at Mnajdra Temples

Heritage Malta is once again organising a guided tour of the Mnajdra Temples early in the morning on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September to mark the autumn equinox. Sunrise on the first day of each season underlines the relationship between the temples and the celestial bodies. Although it is not known for certain whether […]

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Commemoration of the George Cross Award and Santa Marija Convoy at the National War Museum

Heritage Malta will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross and the Santa Marija Convoy during an event free of charge on 13th September at the National War Museum within Fort St Elmo. These two historical events are well explained at the National War Museum since two halls of the […]

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Reduced admission at Fort St Angelo on Victory Day

Inauguration of a new restored polverista and an exhibition of de Valette’s sword Heritage Malta will open Fort St Angelo for a reduced price of €2 on the occasion of Victory Day, on 8th September, for what has become a traditional appointment. On this occasion visitors can also enjoy and explore a new area which has […]

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Lecture – ‘Jean de Valette: His Sword and Dagger’

The Chief Curator of the Department of Art Objects at the Musèe du Louvre in Paris, Mr Philippe Malgouyres, will explore and explain the significance and the prestige of De Valette’s Sword and Dagger during a lecture ‘Jean de Valette: His Sword and Dagger’, hosted by Heritage Malta at the National Museum of Archaeology. Mr […]

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Heritage Malta’s Valletta museums open for free during NOTTE BIANCA

Heritage Malta will once again be playing a leading role during next Saturday’s Notte Bianca. For this occasion, Heritage Malta museums in Valletta will open for free till late. The museums are the National Museum of Archaeology, the Palace Armoury & State Rooms and Fort St Elmo which houses the National War Museum. Heritage Malta […]

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Rel-ink – Indelible narratives

Tattoo art today is very visible and has become part of mainstream contemporary pop culture. This is a far cry from how the Western World has for centuries viewed this art form. Until fairly recently, tattoo art was perceived as taboo, with deeply held prejudices against the practice mostly associated with unruly sailors, waterfront workers, […]

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