Event – A taste of Culture and the EErie

Due to the high participation in past editions, Heritage Malta will be once again organizing ‘L-Għid tal-Erwieħ’, a thematic event highlighting popular traditions and beliefs in souls and the afterlife.

“L-Għid tal-Erwieħ” which is going to be held at the Inquisitor’s Palace on 20 November, was celebrated by the faithful in Malta in remembrance of the souls of the dead who were not yet in paradise.

L-ghid ta l-erwieh 2015During this evocative experience, participants will be introduced to the suggestive palatial setting by a special curator’s tour offering insights into the Inquisition and cases of supernatural invocations and apparitions.

Participants will delve into the traditional commemoration of afterlife by means of a thematic supper consisting of il-maħluta (bitter-sweet drink), ftieti tal-għaża (toasted bread with garlic and parsley), kawlata (vegetable soup with pork) ħanżira tal-erwieħ (roast pork) and għadam tal-mejtin (bone shaped almond based sweet).

This will be accompanied by representations of the traditional newwieħa (hired-mourners) and a small display of artefacts illustrating aspects of traditional funerary rites. 

Interested participants can opt to sleep-over in the seventeenth-century prisons and other suggestive spaces within the Palace (sleeping bags and torches are to be provided by the respective participants).  

The price for this event is €35 and places are limited.

Tickets can be purchased from all Heritage Malta sites and museums as well as online from http://shop.heritagemalta.org/

For more information one can call on 21663731. Tickets image


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