Appreciating Għar Dalam and its environs

During the past months Heritage Malta embarked on a plan to increase the public awareness and appreciation of Għar Dalam and its environs. This after the cave has been declared as a NATURA 2000 site.

One of the first initiatives to be taken is a community outreach project in collaboration with the Birżebbuġa Local Council. The agency is inviting the public to participate in the project by coming forward with stories, memories and old photographs linked to the Għar Dalam area. Heritage Malta is seeking the assistance of the public in order to preserve the historical narrative by documenting images and oral accounts with the possibility of sharing these to enhance the interpretation of the site and its surroundings.

Those who would like to share their stories or have friends or relatives who would like to share theirs or if you have other visual documentation such as photographs, drawings, etc, are invited to get in touch with Heritage Malta by calling at Għar Dalam on 21657419 or send an email on Those interested can also contact the Birżebbuġa Local Council.

Għar Dalam opens from 9.00am till 5.00pm, last admission at 4.30pm.


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