Recent Acquisitions

Donation from the Dacoutros family to the Malta Maritime Museum

Mr John Dacoutros has presented a substantial number of artefacts from his personal collection of the Dacoutros family to the Malta Maritime Museum. The donation contains over 50 artefacts pertaining to the wine trade and shipping in Malta in the early 20th century. The donation includes various wooden barrels, copper lanterns, and numerous ship paraphernalia but […]

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History and traditions recounted in memorial cards donated to Heritage Malta

The history of a popular funerary tradition and a wealth of information on thousands of Maltese transpire from a significant collection of memorial cards donated to Heritage Malta by Mr Alfred Calleja. Mr Calleja donated his collection of memorial cards to Heritage Malta CEO, Mr Kenneth Gambin, in the presence of Senior Curator Mr Kenneth […]

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Hermann Göring artefact for Heritage Malta

A silver goblet, probably from the personal collection of Hermann Göring (1893-1946), was recently donated to the National Collection by Mr Joseph Said, a former chairman of Heritage Malta. It is historically recorded that Göring owned a remarkable silver collection part of which was kept at his fabulous country estate, Carinhall. This estate was subsequently […]

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Presentation of donation to Heritage Malta

Fr Marius Zerafa O.P., former director of the Museums Department, has presented two art works to the national collection managed by the agency. Fr Zerafa presented the donation as a sign of gratitude for the twenty happy and fruitful years he spent at the then Museums Department, where he was responsible, among other things, for […]

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Donations to the National War Museum

Donations by Corporal Herb Tollefson USAAF (Rt.) of his World War II USAFAF uniform and Mr John Mifsud Jr. of his father’s medals and badges to the National War Museum. Independence Day 2014 was that more special to a retired World War II USA veteran who came back to Malta with a mission. On 4 […]

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Richard England donates books to Heritage Malta

Prof Richard England has recently presented a selection of his books which he has authored on architecture, art and also three volumes of his poetry, to Heritage Malta. Also included in the donation are a series of international publications on his architectural works by various well known critics and renowned architectural authors. The books will […]

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Donation of extensive collection to the Malta Maritime Museum

Heritage Malta welcomed a donation by maritime historian Joseph Muscat consisting of an extensive collection including paintings, prints, models, rare books, graffiti casts, photographs as well as other artefacts and documentation. Renowned maritime historian Joseph Muscat donated an extensive number of artefacts to the Malta Maritime Museum on Monday. The collection includes paintings by the […]

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HMS Illustrious (1940) documents donated to Heritage Malta

Officers from HMS Illustrious (R06) donated to Heritage Malta a copy of the damage assessment report sustained by HMS Illustrious (R87) during enemy bombing before reaching Malta and whilst moored at Malta in January 1941. Members of the 1200 servicemen aboard HMS Illustrious visited the Malta Maritime Museum to present this donation. Following a guided […]

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Victor Pasmore’s family donates two paintings to the National Collection

Heritage Malta’s National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta has just received in donation two large paintings by the renowned British international artist Victor Pasmore (1908-1998), who lived in Malta from the mid 1960s until his death. The paintings were officially presented to Heritage Malta on Tuesday 19 June at a special event hosted at […]

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Portulan Atlas donated to the Malta Maritime Museum

Atlas Insurance has presented funds to Heritage Malta’s Malta Maritime Museum to acquire to acquire an 18th century Portulan. This Portulan atlas is now the second artefact of its kind found within the National Collection. The Malta Maritime Museum hosted a number of Atlas Insurance employees that toured the museum led by its Curator Liam Gauci. […]

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