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The exhibition Ovid Metamorphosis?illustrates 36 Greek myths painted by German artist, Monika Beisner. This exhibition is on show till 15 August in the lobby of the National Museum of Archaeology,Valletta. Entrance is free.

We welcome you to a world where gods and humans transform into other creatures and bodies.? There is Narcissus who falls in love with his own reflection and becomes a flower; King Midas who could change anything he touched into gold; and Arachne a gifted weaver who is transformed by the goddess Minerva into a spider.

Monika Beisner has transformed the poetry of Ovid into rich images of vibrant colours and shapes.? Each image in the exhibition is accompanied by a guide that gives a brief summary of the myth they represent.? The exhibition guide is available at the museum and also as a pdf, attached here.

Parents of younger children are encouraged to read some of the stories beforehand.? There are plenty of google links to these stories.? Here is one possible link

At the exhibition ask your children what they think the story is shown in a picture.? They may retell the myth in their own words or come up with their own stories.

Older youths may want to explore how these myths have been absorbed by pop culture such as in the Iron Maiden song, Flight of Icarus

Once you have visited the exhibition you are invited to take part in a competition that can win you a year?s membership with Heritage Malta and a book of Greek myths.

Competition Question:

Choose a myth from the exhibition and create your own work inspired by the story.? You can use any medium of your choice (eg. Paint, collage, textile?).?

Entries will be grouped by age as follows:

  • Category 1: Age 11 years and under
  • Category 2: Age 12 ? 17 years.

Closing date?for this competition is the 8th of?September. Artist, Monika Beisner will judge entries.

Entries can be sent to Heritage Malta Head Office, Ex-Royal Naval Hospital, Marina Street, Kalkara? KKR 1524 or handed in at the reception desk at the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta.

Please provide the following information with your entry:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Tel./Mob
  • Email
  • Name of Picture and Title of Myth

G?all-ver?joni bil-Malti, jekk jog??bok ag?fas hawn.



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