SEMINAR – Exploring the Castrum Maris, Fort St. Angelo during the Middle Ages

Fort St Angelo is closely associated with the Order of St John. In reality it boasts a more extensive heritage.

castrum-maris-fsa-2This will be the focus of a series of lectures that will explore Fort St. Angelo’s importance during the medieval past, then known as Castrum Maris. The event will take place on Wednesday 16th November at Fort St. Angelo at 6.30pm. Lectures will be held at the Admiral’s Hall. This event includes also a tour around the fort highlighting medieval archaeological remains.

The first lecture will be conducted by the curator of Fort St. Angelo, Matthew Balzan, who will give a general overview of the fort’s medieval history and configuration during the middle ages. This will be followed by another lecture by Professor Stanley Fiorini, ‘The capellana of the Castrum Maris’. He will be targeting the significance of the troglodyte Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin while the Malta Historical Fencing Association will conduct the last lecture entitled ‘The use of late medieval edged weapons in Malta. A practical study’. This will be followed by a demonstration of medieval swords and sword fighting. A small reception will follow.

Attendance is free of charge. Attendees must reserve a seat beforehand by sending an email to curator Matthew Balzan on until the 14th of November at 16:00.


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