Fort St Angelo

In March 2012, the EU, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), allocated 13 million Euros (85% EU, 15% Local Government) for the restoration, conservation and reuse of the area allocated to Heritage Malta within Fort St. Angelo.

The project will first valorise the extant historic fabric of the Fort by retaining, conserving and reusing practically all pre-1979 buildings whilst also reinstating lost features that used to define the original configuration and layout of the respective spaces. A total of 16,000m2 of area within the Fort will be restored.

Secondly, this project will craft an engaging and multifaceted cultural experience, highlighting the development of the Fort throughout the ages and its role in the overall defence of the Maltese Islands. Its strategic location will also be exploited in order to provide an interpretation of the Grand Harbour ? Malta?s most priced natural resource.

Overall, besides restoration and the set up of an interpretation centre focused on the Fort, this project will also include multifaceted visitor amenities including an orientation point, hands-on Educational facilities, cafeteria, and a museum shop. Other parts of the Fort would be available and consisting of adequate infrastructure for thematic overnight stays and appropriate large scale cultural events.

In all, this project will provide an area of 6,500m2 of open space within the Fort made available to the public for the first time, thus offering the opportunity to experience Fort St. Angelo: an irreplaceable icon in Malta?s identity. Heritage Malta?s vision is to place the Fort as a main tourist attraction within the islands.

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