FREE ENTRANCE and activities at the National Museum of Archaeology during Science in the City

Heritage Malta will offer free admission to the National Museum of Archaeology during Science in the City, being held in Valletta this Friday 30th September.

For this occasion, the National Museum of Archaeology will be open between 19.00hrs and 23.00hrs, whilst a number of activities will be held within the


  • Between 19.00hrs and 20.00hrs

Heritage Malta’s paintings conservators will bring paintings back to life by demonstrating how the reconstruction of missing images from paintings is done. This session is for children.

  • Between 21.00hrs and 22.00hrs

Heritage Malta conservators will provide a glimpse into the restoration process of archaeological artefacts. An artefact will be available for closer inspection.


The National Museum of Archaeology is housed in the Auberge de Provence. It houses a unique display of renowned valuable artefacts such as the Sleeping Lady, the Venus of Malta and the Horus and Anubis pendant. This museum serves also as a good introduction to prehistory and early history in Malta and puts Malta’s archaeological sites in context.


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