Heritage Malta sets sail to Comino!

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The beautiful albeit little island of Comino, hides many interesting facts especially ones linked to Malta’s natural heritage. Heritage Malta will be organizing a walk around the island in an attempt to unveil some of these hidden facts.

The Comino walking tour will be held on Saturday 16th April and those who attend will have the opportunity to see the Annunciation Chapel and visit St Mary’s Battery and the Santa Maria Tower.

The Annunciation Chapel, dedicated to the Sacred Family Upon its Return from Egypt is located above Santa Marija Bay. Built in 1618, and enlarged in 1667 and again in 1716, the chapel was originally dedicated to the Annunciation. It has been deconsecrated and re-consecrated at least once in its history, when Comino was devoid of residents. The earliest record of a chapel on this site dates back to the 12th century, and can be seen in a navigational map of the period, located in the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

Saint Mary’s Battery, built in 1716, at the same time as various other batteries around the coastline of mainland Malta and Gozo, is situated facing the South Comino Channel. It is a semi-circular structure with a number of embrasures facing the sea. The Battery still houses two 24-pound iron cannons, and remains in a fair state of preservation mainly due to its remote location. Its armament originally included four 6-pound iron cannons.

Saint Mary’s Tower is the most visible structure on the island. The tower formed part of a chain of defensive towers — the Wignacourt, Lascaris, and De Redin towers — located at vantage points along the coastline of the Maltese Islands, and greatly improved communications between Malta and Gozo.

A limited amount of tickets are available for the tour and may be purchased from all Heritage Malta sites and museums and ONLINE. Tickets sell at €20 for adults, seniors and students. Heritage Malta members and children under 12 pay €15. All tickets include the ferry crossing to Comino and back and the entrance fee to the tower.

For more information call us on 23954242.



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