L-Għid tal-Erwieħ – a thematic supper for All Souls’ Day at the Inquisitor’s Palace

Did you know that in November souls spread out their napkins? Or that specific meals, some including a pig that had been left wandering about the village streets, were cooked in remembrance of all souls. And as if that was not enough churches used to set up a symbolic coffin on All Souls’ Day.

L-Għid tal-Erwieħ will be re-enacted at the Inquisitor’s Palace highlighting popular traditions and beliefs related to souls and the afterlife. This event includes the traditional supper served during the month of November to remember the dead.

This traditional meal is based on the ‘ħanżira tal-erwieħ’. The latter originates from the local All Souls’ Day custom where the Maltese feasted on a pig that during the previous weeks would have been let loose in the streets. This pig would have been given scraps of food from entire neighbourhoods. This much fattened pig would on All Soul’s Day be then slaughtered, cooked and fed to the poor. The roasted pig (il-ħanżira tal-erwieħ) will be the main dish in this thematic supper. This will be complimented by the ‘maħluta‘, a bittersweet drink recalling the ups and downs in life, ‘ftieti tal-għaża (toasted bread with garlic and parsley), ‘kawlata‘ (vegetable soup with pork), and ‘l-għadam tal-mejtin‘ a bone shaped almond-based sweet.

Participants will also have the opportunity to delve into a representative sample from a collection of memorial cards which was recently donated to Heritage Malta by Mr Alfred Calleja. This collection of memorial cards runs into thousands and some date back to the early 20th century to illustrate individuals from all walks of life.

Those who consider themselves brave enough are invited to spend the night in one of the 17th century cells or in other suggestive spaces at the Inquisitor’s Palace. Participants opting for the sleep over need to provide their own sleeping bags and torches.

L-Għid tal-Erwieħ will be held in Maltese and is a unique experience for a limited number of participants.

The event will take place on Friday 3rd November. TICKETS, at the price of €30, and €28 for HM members, are available from Heritage Malta sites and museums, and ONLINE

For more information one can call on 21663731.


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