MITA funded startup develops mobile app for Tarxien Temples

During a press conference held at the Tarxien Neolithic Temples, MITA in collaboration with Heritage Malta, launched a mobile application with various interactive audio visual features to enhance visitors’ experience when visiting Tarxien Temples. This will allow visitors to further appreciate the importance of this archaeological site.

STV_78413Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Dr Jose Herrera, addressing the event, stated that “through innovation and experimental approaches such as those carried out at the MITA Innovation Hub, startups like Otus are given the opportunity to develop their ideas into concrete projects, which they can then showcase and transform into business ventures of their own”. Dr Herrera also emphasised that government is giving all its support to initiatives that can help stimulate social innovation through technical entrepreneurship and technology.

Otus, the startup selected to develop the mobile app, gave an overview of the main features. A first of its kind for the local cultural heritage, the app is essentially a human centred interactive guide that provides information about the site including artefacts found both physically on site or displayed at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Visitors can download the free version of the app using title “Tarxien Temples” from Google Play Store and App store. Tarxien Temples App also provides other optional premium features through in-app purchases.STV_78132

Also addressing the press event, MITA Executive Chairman Mr Tony Sultana underlined the importance of encouraging students and startup founders to participate in these type of calls which MITA launches from time to time to help stimulate innovative thinking and solutions. Mr Sultana added that based on the positive feedback received, the MITA Innovation Hub has launched yet another call for proposals earlier last month called StartAPP 2.0. In this case, startups will be helped to develop solutions using satellite-based data sourced from satellites operated by the European Space Agency.

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