‘Nature behind glass’ – a public lecture about the National Museum of Natural History

‘Nature behind glass’ is a public lecture delivered by the Senior Curator of the National Museum of Natural History, John J. Borg, who will provide a historical overview of the collections and the museum from the origins to the present work being done by Heritage Malta to preserve the collection under its custody.

The lecture will look into this often misunderstood museum from the early pleas of a lone Englishman to the setting up of the National Museum in Valletta and the outbreak of the Second World War. In the post war period the natural history section lay dormant until the setting up of the museum in Mdina in the early 1970s. The past and current state of the collections, research, collaboration and many other aspects will be presented, including the role of the curators and the volunteers who continuously curate and keep the collections in the proper conditions for research and for display and educational purposes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the history of the National Museum of Natural History and about Heritage Malta’s on-going work related to natural heritage.

The lecture will be held at the National Museum of Natural History, Palazzo Vilhena, on Wednesday 6th December at 19.00hrs. Attendance is FREE and light refreshments will be provided after the talk.


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