Rulina – Logħba mhux rutina…rutina mhux taqbila

Rulina is the wheel of fortune in a traditional game in one of the typical local fairs. It picks on the realm of traditional Maltese games as a point of departure to comment and reflect upon our lifestyles. Gone are the days of our street games, yet our lives are still dependent on chance. Rulina is an original artistic experience which made it to the Valletta 2018 cultural calendar and is an engaging experience of music, literature and dance with the involvement of twenty eight musicians playing traditional Maltese band instruments. This activity will take place this Saturday in the impressive courtyard of Vilhena Palace in Mdina.

Rulina will delve into four traditional games, namely Dawra Durella, Pizzi Pizzi Kanna, iż-Żunżana Ddur Iddur and Kastig to alternate traditional with contemporary performance. A flowing literary script will help visitors set on a journey of original musical compositions and contemporary dance, drawing inspiration from traditional games to comment upon current behavioural patterns, the hectic rythms of life and even death.

Rulina is an artistic project created by St Leonard Band Club, financially supported by Valletta 2018, and academically assisted by Heritage Malta’s Ethnography Section in the research regarding the games.

Two back-to-back performances will take place at the Vilhena Palace (National Museum of Natural History) in Mdina this Saturday at 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Admission is free on a first come first served basis.

For further information visit Rulina’s facebook page or call 79867165.


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