St.Paul’s Catacombs – ERDF project update


In 2015, Heritage Malta will inaugurate a number of conservation projects including St Paul’s Catacombs Complex in Rabat, Malta.

The experience within the site used to be limited to two catacombs but thanks to the ongoing ERDF project the entire SS Paul/Agatha area, comprising some 20 catacombs, will be made fully accessible for public enjoyment.

Interpretation pavilions

Interpretation pavilions

An equally important component is the creation of adequate visitor amenities, including an environmental-friendly visitor centre hosting an array of interactive and multi-sensory interpretation facilities and the permanent display of select artefacts unearthed from the same catacombs, a series of interpretation pavilions, fully-equipped and versatile facilities for educational visits and a museum shop.   The site’s 10,000m2 footprint will be made wheelchair accessible.

New areas open to the public

New areas open to the public

Unfortunately, however, the underlying catacombs cannot be made accessible to wheelchair-bound visitors due to the restricted openings. To compensate, Heritage Malta will be introducing a new concept to the visitor experience on offer with the introduction of an interactive 3D experience. This will offer the opportunity, especially to those that cannot gain access inside the catacombs, to explore the site in as a realistic manner as technology can possibly offer us.

The project will be inaugurated in 2015.

For further information about St. Paul’s Catacombs, please click here.




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