‘The Science Time Machine’, at the National Museum of Archaeology during Science in the City

During Science in the City, Heritage Malta’s Diagnostic Science Laboratories (DSL) will offer to the general public the opportunity to learn more about how scientists explore and investigate cultural heritage objects using various systems at their disposal.

Apart from other diagnostic systems, DSL utilises the Micro X-Ray Flourescence (µ-XRF) system to analyse non-invasively. In addition to this, imaging systems are also used to collect additional information without touching the object. Thanks to these tools, the laboratory can conduct analysis and identification of several materials, the results of which are utilised for documentation purposes, detecting pigment deterioration and profiling an artist’s palette. The scientific theory behind these systems will be broken down and discussed in terms of their application by experienced professionals.

During the scientific presentations, the younger audience will also learn how different forms of matter interact with materials enabling scientists to use them for different imaging applications.

The presentations will be given at the Gran Salon, at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta, on Friday 29th September. Sessions start on the hour, from 19.00hrs onwards, with the last presentation commecing at 22.00hrs.

Entrance is free of charge.


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