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Until the 8th of September 2019

Exhibition Behind Closed Doors: Fort St Angelo & the Royal Navy 1906 – 1979

Fort St Angelo, Birgu


A curated exhibition, marking the fortieth anniversary since the departure of foreign military forces from Malta on 31st March 1979.

This exhibition portrays life in Fort St Angelo during its occupation by the Admiralty and sheds light on the different roles of the Fort and the services it offered to the Royal Navy and its staff.  Discover the numerous architectural modifications and why the fort was referred to as HMS Egmont and eventually HMS St Angelo. All of this is seen through the eyes of former service personnel who worked in this site.
Admission to this exhibition is included in the museum’s regular ticket price.


17 April

LectureChange and Continuity in Regulating the Cultural Heritage Sector

National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

Speakers will be the Superintendent Joseph Magro Conti and Bernardette Mercieca Spiteri

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage was formed as a result of the Cultural Heritage Act 2002 to ensure the protection and accessibility of Malta’s cultural heritage. Since its formation the Superintendence has grown and become more efficient in addressing the challenges which have come about with a growth in the local construction industry. Recent years have also seen an increase in awareness to protect cultural heritage property and a growing interest in research in Maltese heritage both from local initiatives as well from international venues. This presentation revisits the roles of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and describes how it continues to carry out its mission to ensure protection and accessibility of the Malta’s cultural heritage, whilst create changes in the way it functions to ensure it is more efficient and provides expertise in the different areas of cultural heritage.

Admission is free of charge

Time: 18.00hrs


23 April

Lecture – Artificial intelligence and museums – a discussion

MUŻA, Valletta

Artificial intelligence might come across as something out of a Hollywood film but this technology is already available on laptops and mobiles. We tried it out with a detail of our ‘Death of Dragut’ and the technical knowledge of Vincent Van Gogh …

Three Maltese researchers and experts in their field shall be talking about the practical application of artificial intelligence in culture, art and creative practice. Mark Bugeja shall talk about how this technology can be used to transcribe historic text. Wilbert Tabone shall speak about how this technology can enhance the museum experience with a focus on portraits. Last but not least, Dylan Seychell shall speak about style transfer in the arts and the thinking behind it.

This evening lecture and discussion is being held in collaboration with GDG Malta and the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta as part of the AI Evenings series of talks.

The evening shall be moderated by Prof Alexiei Dingli.

Admission is free of charge

Time: 18.30hrs


25 April

Event – Dairy Products in 17th & 18th century Malta: Inquisitor’s Historic Cookalong Session 6

Inquisitor’s Palace, Birgu

The Criminal Proceedings of the Inquisition throw interesting light on the consumption of milk and other dairy products by the inhabitants of the Maltese Islands.

Cheese, butter and other dairy products formed part of the common fare of several people, yet they were also prepared in different shapes and sizes to meet the palates of the more sophisticated consumers. The Inquisitor’s kitchen was equipped with the necessary equipment to prepare cheese as a condiment.

Dr Noel Buttigieg will help us explore the subject, while our chef Josef Baldacchino will be conducting a historic cookalong session of latte alle portughesa, a crème caramel from 1748.

For further details please call 2166 3731.

Price: €12 per person (€10 for HM members). Tickets available from all Heritage Malta museums and sites, & ONLINE.

Time: 19.30hrs


26 April

Lecture – Aliens & Pests in the Maltese Islands

National Museum of Natural History, Mdina

The next monthly meeting at the NMNH will continue on last topic introduced last month; alien and invasive species. While in March we looked at the Mediterranean region as a whole, in April we will focus on our islands. This month lecture will take place ahead of the screening of an original documentary which will take place in May. We shall also look at the intentional and accidental release of varies species of animals like snails, spiders, snakes and cats. Why are these exotic creatures harmful to the ecosystems, can we control or eradicate them and if so, are there any implications? Come and join us and voice your views! Wine and nibbles after the lecture.

Admission is free of charge, however donations for the upkeep of the museum are appreciated

Time: 18.30hrs


28 April

OPEN DAY – Ta’ Kola Windmill

Ta’ Kola, Xagħra

Visit Ta’ Kola Windmill in Xagħra on Sunday 28 April for free!

Ta’ Kola Windmill is one of several windmills in Gozo dating back to the Knights’ Period.  It is the only one on the island that has been restored to its originality and can even be operated.  The miller’s workshop still houses the original tools belonging to the last miller.  Heritage Malta, in collaboration with the Xagħra Local Council, is organising an OPEN DAY on the occasion of Jum ix-Xagħra.  This promises to be a unique attraction in the village.

On the day, 3 guided tours will be offered at 1330 hours (in Maltese), 1430 hours (in English) and 1530 hours (in Maltese).  Following each tour lasting approximately 45 minutes, the windmill’s vanes will be rotated – an event surely not to be missed!

During this event, local delicacies particular to the village of Xagħra will be served, including traditional brewed coffee.

Admission is free of charge.

Time: 09.00 to 17.00 hours (last admission at 16.30hrs)


28 April

HM Passport Tours – Tours of Kordin Temples

Kordin Temples, Paola

The Neolithic Temples of Kordin will be opened exclusively for those passport holders who have already obtained a VISA!

Kordin Temples will be open during the morning of the 28 April for HM Passport Visa holders. Four tours, every hour, the first tour starting at 0915 hours, and the last one being at 1215 hours will take place. Book your tickets, on first come first served basis.

This is the first HM Passport Visa event and is a unique opportunity to tour Kordin Temples and enjoy a hands-on activity after the tour.

Price: This event is free of charge and is open to HM Passport Visa holders. Tickets need to be booked from all Heritage Malta sites, on first come, first served basis.

Tickets need to be presented on site together with the respective HM Passport and Visa

Time: first tour starts at 09.15hrs, last tour starts at 12.15hrs


30 April

Event – Viewing of Fireworks Festival

Fort St Angelo, Birgu


View the colourful and spectacular Fireworks Festival from Fort St Angelo. Enjoy a nibble or a bottle of wine from a vantage point of panoramic views for this magnificent evening. And why not visit and experience ‘Behind Closed Doors’, a curated exhibition, marking the fortieth anniversary since the departure of foreign military forces from Malta on 31st March 1979, portraying life in Fort St Angelo, which will be open during the evening.

Price: normal admission price, €8 (adults), €5 (seniors and students), €3 (children). Admission to this exhibition is included in the museum’s regular ticket price.

Time: 19.30hrs onwards


30 April until 17 May 

Video Installation – Unity through food, a project by Zarifa Dag

MUŻA, Valletta

Events now happening also in synch and complimentary to our restaurant and cafeteria experience. We’re keen on showcasing new talent… and much more!

This project explores the unity between people with diverse backgrounds through food or the preparation of. A bespoke documentary film presents the concept of unity, showcasing the essence of the people’s resilient cultural background. Illustrations also feature on footage to portray perceptions and influences that define participants and make them who they really are.

Zarifa Dag is a Maltese student at the Department of Digital Arts, University of Malta.


Until 31 August 2019 

Exhibition Exploring the Phoenician Shipwreck off Xlendi, Gozo –
an exhibition highlighting discoveries from this innovative underwater project

Gozo Area Office Exhibition Hall, St Martin’s Quarter Street, Cittadella, Gozo

For over 10 years, the University of Malta has, in collaboration with a number of partners, used state of the art technologies to study and explore one of the most exciting underwater archaeological discoveries in the Central Mediterranean. This exhibition will highlight some of the innovative techniques used as well as stories of trade, exchange, production and consumption in the Archaic Mediterranean. Objects recovered from 110 meters below the surface will also be on display whilst audiovisual aids will help transport the viewer into an underwater world of historical discovery.

In collaboration with the University of Malta, and with the support of the Ministry for Gozo, Malta Tourism Authority, Malta International Airport and the Honor Frost Foundation.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08.00 till 16.00hrs. Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 till 16.00hrs.

Admission free of charge.



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