Have you ever wondered what it would have been like had you lived through the tension and the events of the Great Siege of 1565? What was life like for a Knight of the Order of St. John or a Maltese peasant? This is your chance to experience this in first person. Tickets image

1565: First and Last Hope is an interactive and site-specific performance featuring some of Malta’s best actors, centred around the events before, during and after the Great Siege of 1565, to be held at the newly restored Fort St. Elmo – the very site which witnessed epic heroism during the Siege and which proved crucial for the eventual victory. The audience will be able to experience what it would have been like to live those days of great tension, turmoil and also patriotism by being directly involved in the performance.

UntitledThe audience will be guided through the main stages of the Great Siege, leading to the victory over the Ottoman invaders. A number of historical spots within Fort St. Elmo will serve as backdrops to the scenes which bring the events to the audience in a realistic and personal manner. The play presents the passion of Great Siege in such a way as to make the audience feel and experience the happenings on those days back in 1565. “The way we are presenting the play is intended to make those who attend feel as if they were there themselves”, commented director Alan Fenech. facebook-event-button

The cast includes a number of established actors whose faces are familiar to those who love following local theatre and television productions. In the main roles one can follow actors of the likes of John Suda as Grandmaster De La Valette, Triccas as Francisco Balbi di Correggio, Joe Pace as Captain Medrano, Anthony Ellul as Mustapha Pasha, Renato Dimech as Pjali Pasha, Dominic Said as Guillaume Coppier, Kris Spiteri as Oliver Starkey, Michael Sciortino as Pietro Del Monte , Matthew Balzan as Targut Reiss, Sean Briffa as Gabriel Gort, Aaron Fenech as Mattew, Carlos Farrugia as Captain La Motte, Zep Camilleri as Hassan Reiss, Jean Paul Cascun as Juan de la Cerda, James Aquilina as Toni Bajada, Aldo Zammit as Salih Reiss and others. The production also includes re-enactors from “In Guardia” ,“Compagnia San Michele”, “Show of Arms” and “Anakron”. Rayfonz Borg is stage and logistics manager whilst Dorothy Ebejer and Jackie Grima are costume mistress and make-up artist respectively. “Having such a cast of actors is a guarantee of a very high quality production. The audience will have the chance to see the artists they admire perform very close to them and this adds to the atmosphere which is already very unique due to the costumes and the setting at Fort St. Elmo”, added Alan Fenech.

The play will be held between the 26th and 28th of June (eve of a public holiday) at 21.00hrs. Entrance is €18 for adults and €14 for Heritage Malta members, seniors and students. In order to ensure a better experience for each member of the audience tickets are limited and prior booking is highly recommended.

Tickets may be purchased from all Heritage Malta museums or sites as well as online from http://shop.heritagemalta.org