An exclusive sign language tour at MUŻA

In view of Heritage Malta’s mission to ensure that elements of cultural heritage are made accessible to all, a special guided tour is being organized at MUŻA by Heritage Malta and Aġenzija Sapport on Wednesday, 10th July, for those who have a hearing impairment. The event is open for all ages and each participant can be accompanied by family members.

MUŻA, the national-community art museum, offers a unique experience. Participants can explore the extensive collections on display which are inspired by a careful selection of stories presented in four main sections. The historic architecture, purposely restored to house this new museum concept, is one other experience in its own right.

During the tour, sign language interpreters will accompany the audience to translate what the curator is saying. The main aim of this event is to reach different audiences at the museum and to make art accessible to all as much as possible.

Participation is free of charge. However, those who would like to attend should book a place through Aġenzija Sapport. Those who are in possession of a Heritage Malta Student Passport or a Heritage Malta Senior Passport are encouraged to bring it along with them for this tour so that it may be stamped.

This is the second activity of the sort which is being organized by Heritage Malta. The first event was held at Saint Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat, and more are being planned.

Tour starts at 1.00pm and ends at 3.00pm.

For more information, contact Aġenzija Sapport on 2256800 or Heritage Malta on 2395 0360.