Award for Excellent History Teaching goes to Heritage Malta’s Christian Formosa

Christian Formosa was recently awarded the first prize in the ‘Best History Teacher’ category in a recent ceremony by the History Teachers’ Association (HTA). The Award for Excellent History Teaching was presented to Formosa, who is a Peripatetic Support Teacher of Art and History in the State Primary/Secondary Schools in Malta in liaison with Heritage Malta, by Professor Yosanne Vella President of the HTA. Formosa won the award for  ‘Change and Continuity’, a project undertaken during the scholastic year 2020-21.

The project featured several initiatives instigated by the Heritage Malta Education and Outreach programme during the Covid Pandemic. These included: an online and printed Numismatic Collection Workbook;  two graphic novels, one on the life of Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio and another entitled ‘Il-Każ ta’ Katherina Dimech’ based on a real case heard by the Inquisitor in 1676, and other history-themed lessons uploaded to the ‘Teleskola’ platform; the live streaming of Armistice Day Ceremony and the production of a documentary on the Kalkara Naval Cemetery; a virtual Erasmus meeting held using Microsoft Teams in collaboration with the curatorial staff of MUŻA, together with St Theresa College Secondary School; and diverse Ms Teams lessons structured around short documentaries, video clips, PowerPoint presentations, art activities and infographics. A wide variety of topics comprised: Holocaust Memorial Day; traditional trades and crafts (requested by Year 4 teachers from Fgura Primary B as part of their social studies syllabus); Neolithic daily life and eating habits; World War II in Malta; and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. The Ms Teams programme succeeded in reaching 1,400 students over 60 sessions.

The ‘Change and Continuity’ programme reflects the effort at Heritage Malta Education and Outreach to develop activities within the contexts of the National Curriculum Framework and the subject syllabus (in this case, primary social studies and history) and to foster skills such as the use of primary sources and historical empathy. Technology provided the vital bridge to reach out to both students and educators throughout this pandemic in the absence of on-site thematic events at Heritage Malta sites and museums.

Open the Numismatic Workbook HERE

To access teleskola lessons go HERE