Bats and Moths at Għar Dalam

Following the great success of the event held in July, Heritage Malta will be organizing yet another unique experience for natural history lovers…once again at night!

This time, the protagonists of the event will be none other than bats and moths. The event will be held on Saturday 12th September at 19.30hrs. On this day there will be no moon which makes it ideal to observe these two groups of nocturnal creatures.

Bats fly at night and find their way by echolocation. They send high-pitched noises which cannot be heard by humans and use the echo from their surroundings to find their way around and to detect flying insects. A bat detector is used to locate and identify bats. This apparatus detects the sounds made by bats and converts them into sounds which can be heard by humans.

Moths are studied by using a moth trap. This consists of an ultraviolet lamp placed in front of a white background. The mothmoths are attracted by the ultraviolet rays and end up in the trap where they can be studied before being released.

The event on the 12th will consist of a presentation on bats and moths, a bat walk during which those attending will have the opportunity of hearing different species of bats by means of a bat detector and a visit to a moth trapping site to see different species of moths attracted to a source of UV light. The moths will be identified and immediately released in the same area from where they were captured. Finger food and drinks will be available.

Tickets at €12 for Adults and €10 for Seniors, Students, Heritage Malta members and children under 12 years of age are available from all Heritage Malta sites and museums and online from

For more information one may call on 21657419.