Be the Artist competition (Theme 1) – 25 submissions have been shortlisted

Heritage Malta received more than 160 submissions for the first theme of ‘Be the Artist – Prehistoric Temples’. Kids aged between 4 and 16 years submitted drawings and graphic representations inspired by the Prehistoric Temples of Malta on the Facebook Event page.

Submissions were grouped per age group, namely 4 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 12 years and 13 to 16 years. In total, 25 submissions have been shortlisted:

4-7 years – 5 selections

– Tomas Camilleri, 6 years, Prehistoric Malta – submitted by Kenneth Camilleri
– Isti Pombo Hatvani, 7 years, Variations on a Theme The Stone with Spirals of Hagar Qim – submitted by Gyongyi Hatvani
– Caitlin Sammut, 7 years, Prehistoric Temples around the Maltese Islands – submitted by Claire Sammut
– Katrina Schembri, 7 years, Silence in the Temple – submitted by Yvonne Schembri Bonello
– Cora Tabone, 4 years, Rainbow Temple – submitted by Joanna Tabone

8-10 years – 8 selections

– Alice, 8 years, Colourul Tarxien Temples – submitted by Stephanie Morana
– Giulia Basile Spagnol, 9 years, Rainbow across Mnajdra Temples – submitted by Romina Spagnol
– Amy Bonett, 10 years, Hagar Qim landscape silhouette – submitted by Rachel Bonett
– Elena Caruana 8 years, Ggantija Temples – submitted by Janella Caruana
– Timmy Ellul, 10 years, History by night, Michaela Ellul
– Jacob Grceh Mallia, 9 years, Tarxien Temples, Colours of our Past – submitted by Stephanie Grech Mallia
– Matthew Portelli, 8 years, Graphical Representation of Hagar Qim Temples – Colours of the Maltese Landscape – submitted by Olivia PA
– Kylie Spiteri, 9 years, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum – submitted by Silvana Spiteri

11-12 years – 6 selections

– Mae Clews, 11 years, Tarxien prehistoric temples – pyrography on wood – submitted by Dorianne Spiteri
– Yasmin Farrugia, 12 years, A model of a part of the Tarxien Temples- submitted by Antoinette Farrugia
– Jean Paul Fenech Portelli, 11 years, Dreams of the Sleeping Lady – Acrylics & Collage on Cartridge Paper – submitted by Joanna Fenech Portelli
– Aiden Magro, 12 years, Prehistoric Colours – submitted by Jaonne Bishop
– Mikela Magro, 12 years, Ruins watercolour and pen – submitted by Xar Magro
– Kyle Saliba, 12 years, The construction of a megalithic temple pencils on paper – submitted by Marlene Saliba

13-16 years – 6 selections

– Yasmin Balzan, 14 years, Prehistoric Temples – submitted by Yasmin Balzan
– Miguel Camilleri, 15 years, Remnants of Mnajdra – submitted by Miguel Camilleri
– Alessio Caruana, 14 yrs, Prehistoric Pop Art – submitted by Adrian Caruana
– Stefania Farrugia, 16 yrs, Hypogeum Impressionism – submitted by Joseph Tanti
– Enzo Giordanella, 14 years, Corridor of Constellations inspired by Hal Saflieni Hypogeum – submitted by Jayne Giordanella
– Elenia Minuti, 16 years, Lost in Time – submitted by Maria Minuti

The winners of each theme will be announced in the coming weeks. Winning submissions will be exhibited in an online exhibition and at MUŻA, Malta’s community art museum later this year or in early 2021.

Be the Artist is encouraging kids up to 16 years to be creative during this time of isolation. Participants are provided with resources to inspire them to create works of art according to the different themes. Resources may be used to submit creations and artworks or simply as a guideline. Participants are to upload an image of their creation on the Facebook event page being create for each theme. This may be accessed through the Heritage Malta Facebook page and website.

Currently the second theme, ‘Traditional Confections’ is open for submissions until Sunday 10 May 2020.