Be the Artist competition (Theme 2) – 19 submissions have been shortlisted

19 submissions have been shortlisted for the Be The Artist Competition ‘Traditional Confections’ (Theme 2). Kids aged between 4 and 16 years submitted photos of home cooked traditional sweets on Heritage Malta’s Facebook Event page.

Submissions were grouped per age group, namely 4 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 12 years and 13 to 16 years. In total, 19 submissions have been shortlisted:

4 – 7 years – 4 selections

– Mathias Bilocca, 6 years Traditional xkumvat drizzled with honey – submitted by Amanda Bilocca (photo number 2)
Tomas Camilleri 6 years Kwareżimal, traditionally baked during Lent and developed by the Knights of Malta – submitted by Kenneth Camilleri
– Julia & Eliza Mintoff, 7 and 4 years, Figollina qalbiena, b’xewqat ghal zminijiet aktar hienja, minghand il-familja tieghi u jiena! – submitted by Celia Mintoff
– Rita Muscat, 4 years, Kwarezimal – submitted by Leli Rover (photo number 6)

8-10 years – 4 selections

Giulia Basile Spagnol, 9 snin Tan-Nanna Ħelu Manna – Qagħaq tal-Ġunġlien, Biskuttini tar-Raħal u Imqaret – submitted by Romina Spagnol
– Elena Caruana 8 years Biskuttini tar-rahal – submitted by Janella Caruana
– Jethro Azzopardi Duca 10 years Biskuttini tar-Rahal – submitted by AksuoRam AzzDuca (photo number 7)
– Christian Farrugia 11 years Imqaret – submitted by Stefania Farrugia (photo number 1)

11-12 years – 6 selections

– Joshua Aquilina 12 years L-Ghadam tal-mejtn – submitted by Madlene Aquilina Vancell (photo number 3)
– Alessia Basile Spagnol, 12 years, Tan-Nanna Ħelu Manna – Ħelu Malti (qagħaq tal-ħmira, pudina tal-ħobż u krustini) – submitted by Romina Spagnol
– Mae Clews 11 years Figolli tradizjonali ricetta sigrieta tan-nanniet – submitted by Dorianne Spiteri
– Esmeralda 12 years Maltese Almond Biscottis – submitted by Breno Fusini (photo number 3)
– Jean Paul Fenech Portelli – 11 years – Pudina mill-Qalb – submitted by Joanne Fenech Portelli
– Francesca Polidano 11 years Our own pastini tal-lewz – submitted by Tiziana Polidano (photo number 2)

13-16 years – 5 selections

– Brooklyn 14 years and Mireya 5 years Krustni – submitted by Julie Buttigie
– Estelle Camilleri, 15 years, Maltese Trifle – submitted by Silvana Camilleri
– Stefania Farrugia 16 years Torta tal-helu…….marmurrat – submitted by Joseph Tanti
Enzo Giordanella 14 years Local lemon Granita – submitted by Jayne Giordanella
– Celine Tabone 14 years Qaghaq Helwin u Imbuljuta tal-qastan – submitted by Anabel Tabone

The winners of each theme will be announced in the coming weeks. Winning submissions will be exhibited in an online exhibition and at MUŻA, Malta’s community art museum later this year or in early 2021.

Be the Artist is encouraging kids up to 16 years to be creative during this time of isolation. Participants are provided with resources to inspire them to create works of art according to the different themes. Resources may be used to submit creations and artworks or simply as a guideline. Participants are to upload an image of their creation on the Facebook event page being create for each theme. This may be accessed through the Heritage Malta Facebook page and website.

Currently the third theme, ‘Knights Armour’ is open for submissions until Sunday 24 May 2020.