Be the Artist competition (Theme 4) – 17 submissions have been shortlisted

17 submissions have been shortlisted for the Be The Artist Competition ‘Pose for Art’ (Theme 4). Participants were asked to choose one from six works of art, on display at MUŻA & selected for this competition, analyse the object or artwork, strike a similar pose and ask the most talented photographer in the house to take their photo.

Submissions were grouped per age group, namely 4 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 12 years and 13 to 16 years. In total, 17 submissions have been shortlisted:

4 – 7 years – 6 selections

Amelia Glanville 4 years Picking Grapes – submitted by Daniela Glanville
Andrew Bonett 7 years San Giovannino e il cane Zooky – submitted by Chris Bonett

8-10 years – 5 selections

Amy Bonett 10 years The Tennis player – Chris Bonett
– Carnel Euryale Brussels 9 years – Sven Carnel
– Elena Talya Zarb 8 years old San Giovannino – Jeffrey Zarb
– Elizabeth Mizzi 10 years Maria Anna eating grapes – Joanne Mizzi
– Isti Pombo Hatvani 8 years Model for a Fountain or The Tortoise and the Sea – Gyongyi Hatvani
– Jethro Azzopardi Duca 10 years Letter Writer and Oriental Woman Letter Writer and Oriental Woman – AksuoRam Cudzza
– Justine Bezzina 8 years San Giovannino – Dorothy Cutajar
– Liam Tabone 10 years – Anabel Tabone

11-12 years – 2 selections

– Anthea Aquilina 11 years Mary Anne picking grapes – Clara Cassy
– Joshua Aquilina 12 years San Giovannino – Madlene Aquilina Vancell
– Mae Clews 11 years eating grapes – Dorianne Spiteri
– Rythm Garg 11 years Letter Writer and Oriental Woman – Lalit Garg

13-16 years – 1 selection

Alessio Caruana 14 years Model for a Fountain (with real turtles) – Adrian Caruana
– Cristina Micallef 16 years Mary Anne picking grapes – Cristina Micallef
– Enzo Giordanella aged 14 featuring Miss Pickle for San Giovannino by Màtia Pretti – Jayne Giordanella

The winners of each theme will be announced in the coming weeks. Winning submissions will be exhibited in an online exhibition and at MUŻA, Malta’s community art museum later this year.

Be the Artist is encouraging kids up to 16 years to be creative. Participants are provided with resources to inspire them to create works of art according to the different themes. Resources may be used to submit creations and artworks or simply as a guideline. Participants are to upload an image of their creation on the Facebook event page being create for each theme. This may be accessed through the Heritage Malta Facebook page and website.

Currently the fifth theme, Roman Mosaics is open for submissions until this Sunday 21st June 2020.