Be the Artist competition (Theme 5) – 4 submissions have been shortlisted

4 submissions have been shortlisted for the Be The Artist Competition ‘Roman Mosaics’ (Theme 5). Participants were asked to make their own mosaic!

The shortlisted submissions:

10 years

– Isti Pombo Hatvani 8 years Roman Ship – Gyogyi Hatvani
– Jethro Azzopardi Duca 10 years Xemx wisq sabiha – bit-tama li ngawdu s-sajf – AksuoRam Cudzza

11-12 years

– Jean Paul Fenech Portelli 11 years Be the Artist mosaic – Joanne Fenech Portelli
– Nickolai Crocker 11 years Tuna from recycled paper – Ivan Crocker

Winning submissions will be exhibited at MUŻA, Malta’s community art museum, later this year.

Be the Artist encouraged kids to be creative during the lock-down period. Participants were provided with resources to inspire them to create works of art according to the different themes.