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Heritage Malta launches its Calendar of Events for 2020

With 150 events spread over the year 2020, Heritage Malta, the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage, is opening its doors wide to anyone who is seeking to experience our country’s history.

This was emphasised by Noel Zammit, Heritage Malta’s CEO, during the launch of the Calendar of Events for 2020, at Fort St Angelo, in Birgu.

Heritage Malta’s principal goal, claimed Zammit, is to entice individuals from all walks of life to be interested in Malta’s historical heritage through a collection of diverse and interactive activities.

“We have managed to change the concept of a museum,” Zammit emphasised. “We no longer consider museums simply as the place to preserve our heritage, but as spaces which are alive and attractive to all, thanks to the events we organise within them.”

This aim is clearly reflected in the variety of activities planned throughout the coming months. From workshops to the opening of sites which are normally closed to the public, from Taste History events to visits around Filfla, the program presented by the national agency is sure to pique anyone’s interest in one way or another.

The importance being given to this sector was highlighted during Minister Herrera’s first speech at the same launch. The Minister for National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government, Dr Jose’ Herrera, pointed out that Government has elevated culture to the title of National Heritage.

Minister Herrera also emphasised that the Calendar of Events presented is a reflection of the agency’s work, which includes research projects and collaborations with other entities in the sector.

“I truly believe in collaboration with NGOs which, like Heritage Malta, have the interests of our national heritage at heart,” declared Herrera. “Together, we are in a better position to preserve our heritage for future generations.”

The entire Calendar of Events is available to download here.