An accidental find which took place in May 2017 at the site of Għar Dalam in Birżebbuġa led to further studies in order to understand better this intriguing prehistoric site. On Friday 22nd November, Heritage Malta is inviting the public to learn more about these finds and to assist the curators in the cleaning and documentation of some of the palaeontological and archaeological finds from this exercise.

The discovery of numerous previously discarded fragments of prehistoric animal bones and pieces of pottery from Għar Dalam cave, located within soil deposits inside a dilapidated shed close by, provided the opportunity for more studies. These deposits were revealed during the removal of vegetation from above and around the shed, when alien trees were being removed from the area as part of Heritage Malta’s efforts to replace alien and invasive species with indigenous plants and trees in collaboration with ERA and Ambjent Malta.

Għar Dalam is one of the Islands’ prime palaeontological, archaeological and natural sites and much has been done in the past to study the information held within the layers deposited in it. In understanding the importance of this site, Heritage Malta has started a concerted effort to place Għar Dalam within the context of its landscape and the nearby sites, including the Roman villa of Ta’ Kaċċatura and the megalithic temple of Borġ in-Nadur.

The event on Friday will start with two short presentations relating to the Għar Dalam Cave Deposits and the archaeological excavation on the small shed at this site. These presentations will be delivered by Heritage Malta Senior Curators John J Borg and David Cardona respectively.

This will be followed by a hands-on experience where participants will be divided into small groups to clean and sort the excavated material from the Għar Dalam shed. This will include cleaning, sorting, documentation, digitization and packing.

Drinks and snacks will be provided during this event. Participants must be 18 years and older.

Price: €20. Tickets are available from Heritage Malta museums and sites, and online.

Time: 7.00pm – 11.00pm

Location: National Museum of Natural History, Vilhena Palace, St Publius Square, Mdina.