This section deals with a diverse range of artefacts, both simple and composite, and immovable items made of four main classes of materials: ceramics, glass, metals and stone.

Work within the conservation studios includes examination, condition assessment, documentation, cleaning, desalination, stabilisation, consolidation and integration.

This Section has two main studios, where it carries out the treatment of small and easily transportable items in one, and larger heavier artefacts in the other. One studio is divided into two parts: the main area is used as a dry room where documentation and general conservation works are carried out and the other part includes the wet treatment area, fume extraction for chemical treatment, a spray room which is used for chemical and non-chemical spray applications and a separate room where tasks generating higher noise and/or dust levels are carried out.

The studio is equipped with light microscopes, electric/pneumatic and hand tools of various sizes and various pieces of equipment for the preparation of materials needed to carry out the conservation treatments. Health and safety equipment includes fume extraction facilities, fume cupboards and various protective clothing.