Collaboration agreement between St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation and Heritage Malta

A Memorandum of Understanding detailing a collaboration between Heritage Malta and the St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation has just been signed, signifying an important alliance between the two entities.

Among other goals, Heritage Malta and the Foundation will explore the possibility of integrating visits to the Co-Cathedral within Heritage Malta’s passport schemes for students and seniors. The entities will also explore ways of combining a visit to the Co-Cathedral with a visit to MUŻA, the Malta National Community Art Museum, a unique platform for the arts, bridging the gap between the artist and the public.

“The Foundation shares our aim: that of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations. This agreement is exemplary in the way the State and Church could collaborate,” stated Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera.

“I am convinced that this agreement will help us enrich the services we offer to the public,” explained Mario Cutajar, Heritage Malta’s Executive Director. “St John’s Co-Cathedral and other village churches are integral to our cultural identity; therefore, we can never do enough to protect our heritage.”

“This agreement will open the Co-Cathedral’s doors to a significantly wider audience,” stated Michael Pace Ross, the Archbishop’s Curia’s Administrative Secretary.

“The Foundation strongly believes in the importance of proper preservation, and conservation of our heritage, and through this Agreement, we will be sharing our knowledge and resources on the matter with the National Agency,” stated Wilfrid Buttigieg, the Foundation’s President. He mentioned that although the Co-Cathedral as a structure is impressive, and a strong tourist location, the Foundation should be humble and be capable to dialogue and work with other entities.

The press conference was also attended by a group of children and their parents who had previously visited the Co-Cathedral. Mr Buttigieg said that during their visit, the Foundation had heard how important the value of the Heritage Malta passport scheme is to them.

“Both MUŻA and St John’s Co-Cathedral share a very rich history, and are exquisite examples of high architecture and art,” emphasised Heritage Malta’s CEO, Noel Zammit. “By joining forces with the Foundation, Heritage Malta is once more increasing the accessibility of our national heritage to all.”

Photos: DOI/MHAL