Donation of extensive collection to the Malta Maritime Museum

Donation of extensive collection to the Malta Maritime Museum 2Heritage Malta welcomed a donation by maritime historian Joseph Muscat consisting of an extensive collection including paintings, prints, models, rare books, graffiti casts, photographs as well as other artefacts and documentation.

Renowned maritime historian Joseph Muscat donated an extensive number of artefacts to the Malta Maritime Museum on Monday. The collection includes paintings by the historian himself, important notes on the fleet of the Order of St. John, a number of ex-votos, models, an official history of the Order of the Knights of St. John dating back to the 18th century, a very rare history of the Papal fleet, a rare document concerning the Punic wars and facsimile editions of published books.

During the presentation, Mr. Muscat said he never imagined these artefacts would end up in this museum, the same museum of which he was one of the founders when it was conceived back in 1988. Mr. Muscat recounted a number of anecdotes related to the museum and appealed to the general public to make such donations to the museum, saying that he knew many valid artefacts could be found in various households.

In his introduction, Senior Curator Manuel Magro Conti said that Joseph Muscat is a big Donation of extensive collection to the Malta Maritime Museum 1name in Maltese maritime history. “Mr. Muscat was the person who published a large number of articles back in the 1970s and 1980s when little or no importance at all was given to this aspect of Malta’s history.” Mr. Magro Conti also added that Mr. Muscat had restored many unique models amongst which is the impressive 300 year old Vaxxel model.

Heritage Malta chairman Joseph Said recalled Mr. Muscat at work on various models and said that he was well known as one of the founders together with former curator Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez. “The items donated by Ġużeppi Muscat are an integral part of the story of his life and it is not easy to make such a donation. He (Mr. Muscat) probably feels he can put his mind at rest that such donations will be in safe hands.” Mr. Said also appealed to the public to make such donations, assuring those who do so of the safekeeping and care of the objects donated.