Exclusive event for Heritage Malta’s Senior Passport holders

On Tuesday 12th November, Heritage Malta is organising an exclusive curatorial tour for Heritage Malta’s Senior Passport holders. The tour includes a visit to the ‘Culhat al Belt: Sette Giugno 1919-2019’ exhibition which is currently housed at the National Museum of Archaeology and a walk around the key sites in Valletta where events unfolded.

The exhibition ‘Culhat al Belt: Sette Giugno 1919-2019’ is commemorating the centinary of the 7th June 1919 riots. Exhibits follow the intriguing factors which eventually led to the revolt of the Maltese people against the British rulers and those considered as their sympathisers on 7th June 1919. They also highlight some of the consequences which emerged once this decisive action was taken. Photographs of places as they appeared in 1919 will be shown during this event with a short discussion on Valletta under British Colonial Rule.

After the exhibition, participants will be invited to visit some of the most important sites which are connected to the 7th June 1919 riots during a curatorial tour around Valletta.

There will be two tours, one in Maltese and one in English, both starting at 09.30hrs.

Time: 09.30hrs.

Meeting point: National Museum of Archaeology, Republic Street, Valletta.

Price: €3 per person. Tickets are available from all Heritage Malta’s museums and sites, upon presentation of the Heritage Malta Senior Passport. A pre-issued ticket is required to attend the event.