Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum goes high tech

The rock-cut, subterranean burial chambers of the pre-historic Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum can now be explored virtually by visitors wearing a headset connected to a computer.

This cutting edge Virtual Reality experience was researched and developed by students and academic staff within the Department of Computing at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education with the collaboration of Heritage Malta.

The objective of this high tech initiative is to utilise the cultural heritage of our islands as a medium for developing experiences that are simultaneously educational and entertaining.

Conceptualised as a film set, the 360 degree VR experience was produced as a choreographed visit to the World Heritage Site by the director and cameraman.

Best viewed using a VR headset such as a Google Cardboard, the virtual experience may also be watched on a PC or a smart phone by moving the screen spherically around the viewer.

For more information on the history of the Hypogeum, opening hours and tickets you may click on this link

View the VR experience by clicking here: