Frequently Asked Questions

Although Malta boasts a rich, documented tradition of Heraldry going back centuries, this was never formally regulated.

The Cultural Heritage Act distinguishes between tangible and intangible heritage and a call was made to rationalise the use of armorial bearings. 

The post of Chief Herald of Arms of Malta was established by Heritage Malta on the instruction of the then Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary.

This was announced in the Malta Government Gazette of 25th June 2019.

The Maltese Parliament formally created the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta by an Act, officially entitled, “ACT No. XLI, AN ACT to amend the Cultural Heritage Act, Cap. 445 of 2021” This can be accessed via this link;


(A821 no. 5 (a) ii of the Act refers)

Exercising the powers conferred upon him by the aforementioned amended Cultural Heritage Act, the Minister responsible for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, (the “Minister for Culture”) then mandated further protection for Coats of Arms by preparing secondary legislation governing the management of the Office of the Chief Herald. This was done by means of a Legal Notice which can be accessed via this link;


The Legal Notice passed into law on 21/01/22

https://www.gov.mt/en/Government/DOI/Government%20Gazette/Documents/2022/01/Government%20Gazette%20-%2025th%20January.pdf  (page 625)




Dr. Charles A. Gauci was confirmed in his position of Chief Herald of Arms of Malta on by the Minister for Culture on behalf of Parliament on 31st January 2022.

The current Chief Herald of Arms of Malta therefore, has the honour of having been appointed under the 2019 Government Notice and confirmed in his post under the now prevailing (1922) Regulations.

One may apply for a grant of Arms or a recognition of Arms in accordance with the aforesaid Regulations.

All arms granted/Registered under the old Government Notice are taken to have been issued under the aforesaid Regulations and recipients will be informed of this.