Heritage Malta’s Citadel Museums – Restoration Works

2015-01-29 12.18.03Extensive restoration works have been ongoing in the Gozo Citadel for these last few years as part of an EU-funded project focusing on the restoration and upgrading of the Citadel. The project was embarked upon by the Ministry for Gozo and is to include also the transformation of a mid-19th century water reservoir into a visitor centre.

Following the completion of restoration works on the bastion walls, attention turned on the interior of the Citadel complex. At this stage, structural ruins are being restored, new services are being distributed beneath the surface of existing passage ways, a new pavement is being laid out, any archaeological remains encountered during the monitored process are documented and preserved in the best possible manner, while façades  of surviving structures are being restored under the supervision of the Restoration Directorate.

The latter works include the façades of the Folklore Museum, the Gozo Nature Museum, DSCF3985the Gozo Area Office, and the Old Prison. While restoration work on the façades of the first three buildings has already been concluded, work on the façade and side-wall of the Old Prison is nearing completion. In addition, architectural specimens stored inside two sally-ports behind the Gozo Museum of Archaeology have been relocated to make way for the restoration and rehabilitation of the said sally-ports as part of the same upgrading project.

To complement the general upgrade that is taking place throughout the Citadel, gift-shop facilities in the Citadel museums are being likewise upgraded to meet expected demands and improve the visitor experience. It is being envisaged that, in the near future, all Heritage Malta museums and sites will offer a considerable variety of official merchandise from its premises.         

Visit all four Heritage Malta Citadel museums on the first Sunday of each month and benefit from a 50% discount on the standard admission price.

For further information about the Citadel museums, please call Heritage Malta on 21564188 or on 2295 4000.

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