Heritage Malta hosts a number of initiatives during ‘Science in the Citadel’

Heritage Malta will be hosting a number of initiatives in its four Citadel museums during Science in the Citadel on the 22nd of April.

On the day Heritage Malta’s Citadel museums will be open against regular admission fees. However, free entry will be provided in the time slot of the programmed talks and information stands.

The four Heritage Malta’s museums in the Citadel are the Gozo Nature Museum, the Gozo Museum of Archaeology, Gran Castello Historic House (ex Folklore Museum) and the Old Prison.

The activities to be held inside Heritage Malta’s Citadel museums are:

– Gozo Museum of Archaeology

11.00am-12.00pm: Talk provided by archaeologist George Azzopardi on archaeological science, ‘From clay to pottery: chemical transformation’;

– Gozo Nature Museum

12.00pm-1.00pm: Talk by Paulo Lago, Project Manager of Life Arcipelagu Gamija ‘The secretive life of the Yelouan Shearwater in the Maltese Islands’;

1.00pm-2.00pm: Walking tour by geologist Jane Carr, ‘What has geology to do with you?’

2.00pm-3.00pm: Talk by Alfred Baldacchino, veteran conservation and biodiversity specialist, ‘Indigenous flora of Gozo’;

– Gran Castello Historic House

4.00pm-5.00pm: Exhibition and talk on the role of bee products in health by Adrian Bugeja Douglas, ‘The story of honey: its history, production and health benefits’

– Old Prison

Interactive stand by the Police Forensic Science Laboratory in the reception area, ‘Forensics – the application of science to law’;

– Heritage Malta Gozo Area Office

Exhibition of artworks organised by the Gozo College, ‘Science in the Citadel through the eyes of a Gozitan child’, until 6th of May in the Exhibitions Hall.

Science in the Citadel is a one day science extravaganza taking place within the historic walls of the atmospheric Cittadella in Victoria. Science in the Citadel will be firmly Gozitan in flavour, with displays relevant to lives in the sister island of Malta, including items on the island’s biodiversity, geology, agriculture, seas and skies and items highlighting the science and engineering inherent in the Citadel itself and its museums.