Heritage Malta Ta’ Kola Windmill Restoration Project

Heritage Malta is in the final stages of a long-term project which includes the rebuilding of the windmill’s antennae and the reconstruction of parts of the internal mechanism of the Ta’ Kola Windmill at Xagrħa, Gozo.

A conservation analysis that was conducted on the mechanism’s internal woodwork reported that a number of areas were suffering from advanced deterioration that was in some cases jeopardizing the structural stability of the mill tower. Due to a number of factors, and in order to respect the original features of the mechanism, the specialized wood required for this project could not be supplied locally but had to be imported from overseas suppliers.

Works on the reconstruction and restoration of the internal mechanism are now in their final phase of completion. In the past few days, the windmill mechanism was dismantled in order to carry out repair and restoration works on the elements to be retained and integrate the newly produced sections. In the meantime, general maintenance works will be carried out on the tower’s internal stonework. Heritage Malta is ensuring that restoration works are carried out to the highest standards whilst aiming to return the windmill to its original operational condition. It is envisaged that works will be concluded before the end of the year.

Ta’ Kola Windmill is situated in the heart of the village of Xagħra, Gozo and is one of the few surviving windmills on the Maltese Islands dating back to the Knights’ Period. The origins of Ta’ Kola Windmill go back to the 18th century during the magistracy of Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena. This windmill changed hands several times up to the early 20th century when it came into ownership of the Grech family, an established family of millers who continued to run the windmill up the 1980s.