Hypogeum Tickets – Update 2012

To purchase tickets for the Hypogeum, please click on this link: http://booking.heritagemalta.org/

Heritage Malta, wishes to clarify its position regarding problems that some visitors to its museums and sites may have faced recently.

Some years ago Heritage Malta entered into an agreement with Maltaticket.com Ltd in respect of ticketing services at its museums and sites.

In 2011 Maltaticket.com Ltd and its director David Pollina were duly informed that the agreement would not be renewed. Furthermore in November 2011 Heritage Malta informed Maltaticket.com Ltd that online bookings in respect of visits to the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum for 2012 were not to be accepted.

Notwithstanding such due notice, Maltaticket.com Ltd chose to keep selling tickets for visits to The Hypogeum for the year 2012 and this in spite of specific instructions to the contrary. It was only after the filing in Court of a warrant for a prohibitory injunction in December 2011 that Maltaticket.com Ltd confirmed under oath that it would cease selling tickets for Heritage Malta sites and museums, including The Hypogeum.

In its press release, Maltaticket.com Ltd failed to inform the public that, apart from holding back funds collected on behalf of Heritage Malta in respect of ticket sales, it also denied Heritage Malta access to information relating to such sales. Consequently Heritage Malta holds no information whatsoever on tickets purchased via Maltaticket.com Ltd. and as a result cannot contact those clients who bought such tickets nor confirm the validity of tickets issued by Maltaticket.com Ltd..

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following consultation with UNESCO a limit of 80 admissions per day has been set, and this in order to prevent irreparable damage to such a sensitive and unique site. Heritage Malta cannot and will not go beyond this limit by granting access to visitors who may have bought unauthorised tickets issued by Maltaticket.com Ltd.

Notwithstanding the obstacles caused by Maltaticket.com Ltd., Heritage Malta took a number of initiatives in order to inform and assist visitors who might have bought such tickets. Heritage Malta, where possible, assisted those visitors who had bought such tickets by offering visits to The Hypogeum at other hours and these without charge.

Heritage Malta is doing its utmost to remedy the inconvenience created by Maltaticket.com Ltd. As a first measure Heritage Malta has also filed a lawsuit against Maltaticket.com Ltd..

Heritage Malta takes this opportunity to inform those visitors who hold tickets bought from Maltaticket.com Ltd to contact Heritage Malta Head Office on +356 22954000 or by email on info@heritagemalta.org for further clarification and assistance.

To purchase tickets for the Hypogeum, please click on this link: http://booking.heritagemalta.org/