Journeys of Discovery, 2nd edition

Journeys of Discovery

?Journeys of Discovery? is an annual artistic project organised by the Primary Art Teachers of the Gozo College in collaboration with Heritage Malta. The Gozo Area Exhibition Hall in the Citadel is hosting an eclectic show of drawings, paintings, documentation of an installation and mixed media sculptures by Gozitan Primary School students.

This is the second edition of ?Journeys of Discovery? ? a cultural event aimed at bridging education, art and culture. This year?s project will focus on the collection on permanent display at the Gozo Folklore Museum. The project was devised to make students research the collection at the museum and produce original and creative artworks as a reaction to the museum?s collection.

All Year 5 classes visited the Gozo Folklore Museum together with their class teachers, LSA’s, and?Art teachers. A classroom activity prior to the Museum visit consisted of an overview about the Folklore Museum. These experiences served to stretch the boundaries of the way art is practised both inside and outside schools. The students recorded and documented the museum?s collection in drawings, notes and photographs and developed these visual notes through artistic research in the art rooms at their respective schools. The students were encouraged to use mixed media in their works such as watercolours, pastels, charcoal, acrylics, poster paints, collage, clay sculptures, cardboard sculptures, photography, video and even intervention on folklore-related artefacts.

This project has offered the students a possibility to use our island?s folkloristic heritage, history and identity to express their response through artistic and contemporary media.

The second edition of ?Journeys of Discovery? will run from the 30th March until the 30th of April at Heritage Malta ? Gozo Area Exhibition Hall, the Citadel, Victoria from Monday to Friday from 09.00hrs ? 17.00hrs and Saturdays from 09.00hrs -12.00hrs.