Judicial Hanging in Malta

On Wednesday 6th November, Heritage Malta is organising the lecture Judicial Hanging in Malta to shed more light on the history of hanging in Malta, with particular focus on the British period. Heritage Malta Curator, Matthew Balzan, will be delivering this lecture at the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina.

Until 1971, capital punishment was part of the Code of Laws of Malta. Despite the utilization of various means of execution, including beheading, burning at the stake and the firing squad, the main means of sentencing prisoners who were condemned to death was by hanging.

This gruesome method of execution was modified along the years especially by the British who sought to ‘humanise’ the process. Malta also has one of the few last surviving British style gallows within the Corradino Correctional Facility which was last used in 1943.

Attendance is free of charge (recommended age 16 years and over).

Time: 18.30hrs