Online competition for kids up to 16 years

Participants are to upload an image of their creation on the Facebook event page created for each theme. Participants will also be provided with resources to inspire them to create work according to the different themes. Resources may be used to submit creations and artworks or simply as a guideline.

Theme 1 – Prehistoric Temples – 25 submissions have been shortlisted!

Theme 2 – Traditional Confections – 19 submissions have been shortlisted!

Theme 3 – Knights Armour (11 May – 24 May) – 14 submissions have been shortlisted

Theme 4 – Pose for Art (25 May – 7 June) – 17 submissions have been shortlisted

Theme 5 – Roman Mosaics (8 June – 21 June) – 4 submissions have been shortlisted

Prize: A number of submissions per theme will be selected and exhibited on the Heritage Malta portal and at MUŻA, Malta’s community art museum, later this year, or in early 2021.


Be The Artist – Theme 5

What do roman mosaics and smartphone screens have in common? They are both made up of hundreds or thousands of pixels or small dots of colour placed closely together. The smaller the size of the pixels, the closer to real life the image will look. In roman mosaics, these dots of colour are called tesserae and consist of neatly cut naturally-coloured stone or hand-made glass.

Interested in mastering the craft? … here is a beginners course, and you can even have your masterpiece exhibited at MUZA – the national community art museum!


Pose For Art

Be The Artist – Theme 4

Participants were asked to choose one from six works of art, on display at MUŻA & selected for this competition, analyse the object or artwork, strike a similar pose and ask the most talented photographer in the house to take their photo.



Be The Artist – Theme 3

Participants are being provided with a set of patterns to create an armour (breast & black plates + pauldrons) very much similar to the ones worn by the Knights of St John and their troops during the 16th and 17th centuries.  Patterns for ancillary shields and swords are also being made available. Unleash your imagination to make your own cuirass ….



Be The Artist – Theme 2

Although small, the islands of Malta and Gozo are endowed with a unique patrimony. This includes a wide range of mouth-watering dishes with rich aromas and strong flavours.

As part of its educational and outreach programme, Heritage Malta’s museums and sites host various events on traditional cuisine, in particular confections related to specific periods of the annual cycle. This first set of four recipes focuses on some of Malta’s most popular confections.



Be The Artist – Theme 1

This resource provides an overview on the most prominent Prehistoric Temples found on the Maltese Islands. A ‘Word Search’ game is also included at the end of the booklet.