Maltese urban areas to be discussed during Heritage Malta’s first Cultural Heritage monthly lectures

A ‘Historical Overview of the Development of Maltese Urban Areas’ is the title of the first lecture from a series of lectures which will be organised each month by Heritage Malta.

The aim of these lectures is to make cultural heritage more accessible to the general public. Lectures will be delivered by professionals in the field, including Heritage Malta officials, and will focus on various aspects of our heritage, including archaeology, conservation, history, natural history, photography, maritime and others.

Lectures will be held on Saturday mornings between 10.00hrs and 12.00hrs at specific sites related to the lecture concerned. The first lecture, a ‘Historical Overview of the Development of Maltese Urban areas’, will be held on 10th March at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta and will be delivered by Heritage Malta architect, Mr Ruben Abela. The transformation and changes of Malta’s urban areas will be discussed in order to appreciate better the historic development of local towns and villages.

Seating on a first come, first serve basis.