Manuscripts donated by Dr Albert Ganado

Heritage Malta is pleased to announce that Dr Albert Ganado kindly presented the National Museum of Fine Arts with his own original research manuscripts. This donation took place during a ceremony which was held at the National Museum of Fine Arts on the 23rd of March, during which Dr Ganado presented the paintings to the Museum’s Senior Curator.

In addition to these manuscripts, Dr Ganado extended his generous donation with over 100 books, encyclopedias and journals on cartographers, cartography and map collections that originally belonged to his personal library.

Dr Albert Ganado is an international authority on cartography related to the Maltese islands and their Mediterranean context, and a long-time avid collector of such maps and plans. His donation includes original manuscripts of his prestigious publications respectively entitled “A Study in depth of 143 Maps representing the Great Siege of Malta of 1565”, co-authored with Maurice Agius-Vadala’, published in 1994, and “Valletta Citta’ Nuova: A Map History (1566-1600) published in 2003.

Since July 2008, Heritage Malta has under its care well over 450 maps and plans of Malta that were once owned by Dr Ganado who, through an agreement with the Government of Malta, passed on this impressive map collection to the National Museum of Fine Arts in exchange for ownership of his residence which had formerly been public property. Now preserved in the reserve collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts, this particular collection is referred to as the “Albert Ganado Malta Map Collection”.

At present, 12 maps and plans of Valletta from the mentioned collection are out on display. The exhibition, entitled “Valletta: Citta’ e Fortezza di Malta”, is made up of 12 maps dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Padre Vincenzo M. Coronelli, Antonio Lafreri and Nicolo’ Nelli are among the most important mapmakers included in this exhibition.

This exhibition, open till the 10th of April, will form part of the permanent display at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta.