The newly opened MUŻA Restaurant is located within the remit of the MUŻA public space situated within the historic Auberge D’Italie in Valletta. The Restaurant not only upholds the key values guiding the MUŻA project but is also an essential part of the project’s interpretative strategy providing a complementary experience to the narrative of display thanks to a unique culinary experience. MUŻA Restaurant boasts three main areas within MUŻA each having a rich history of their own.The Bar-Cafe area, is located within what once was the Auberge’s Kitchen. A quaint space where surviving elements from the original historic kitchen including the flagstone flooring, the hearth complete with sooth and grime and other architectural features are combined with and interpreted through modern décor. The beautiful bar to ceiling installation recalls back the smoke that used rise from the ovens and fill up the whole kitchen with soot. Once entering the bar, one’s eyes naturally follow this clever installation from behind the bar up to the ceiling, and this allows the viewer to notice the Grand, semi-opened arch which allows natural light to flood the room as well as giving a view to the sky, be it day or night. One cannot help but notice also the massive wall-unit situated on the left-hand side. This structure mirrors a minimalist map of the streets of Valletta, a great touch that grounds the guest to the aesthetic Capital.