New insights on Northern paintings at MUŻA in Heritage Malta masterclass


A Heritage Malta masterclass providing new insights on Northern European artworks in the MUŻA collection will be delivered by Krystle Attard Trevisan on Wednesday 20th October at MUŻA.

Entitled ‘Art Up Close: New Insights on Northern European artworks in the MUŻA collection – the 17th century Netherlandish works’, the masterclass will focus on paintings which are less known, less studied and perhaps less appreciated, but which nonetheless are increasingly attracting attention.

The Flemish paintings at MUŻA have received scholarly attention, including the works by Matthias Stom, Theodoor van Thulden and the circle of Van Dyck. The Netherlandish works, which speak a noticeably different artistic language, have so far been largely overlooked.

While the MUŻA collection does not hold Netherlandish works by great masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, it does have works which represent the different styles of painting of the period and which deserve to be understood and known.

In recent months, research has been conducted on these Netherlandish paintings, although much more work remains to be done. Both secure authorships and attributions have been assigned to anonymous works, while others have been reinterpreted in their proper context. Some paintings are by little-known artists whose works are very rare. In a small section of the museum, Dutch and Flemish works have been hung, while others have been placed in different contexts in other galleries.

Following the presentation by Ms Attard Trevisan, attendees will also be treated to an exclusive tour to see these works and discuss them in their historical and artistic context as well as their context within the displays at MUŻA.

The one-hour masterclass will start at 18.30. Admission is free of charge, but reservation is required either at any Heritage Malta museums or site, or by sending an email on

All attendees must wear a face mask and respect social distancing measures.