The rubberbodies collective present Oracle, a ‘silent’ concert at Heritage Malta’s ?a?ar Qim Park. Oracle is a project in collaboration between Lyon?s French sound designer and composer Aes Dana (Vincent Villuis) and Maltese sound artist Cygna (Mario Sammut).

Throughout the 90 minute “silent concert?, the audience will be provided with wireless headsets that will enhance the live music experience and provide for a unique experience never before experienced within ?a?ar Qim Park.

Following the March equinox and marking the advent of spring, this is an exceptional concert and a rare opportunity not only for global music lovers but also for the Maltese community that share a strong cultural connection with this site.

The event will take commence at 18:30pm with ?The Architecture of the Sacred?, a short documentary by Dr Michael Zammit. The evening will also feature a brief theatre ritual by Mexican artist Ada Wendy Moira.

Tickets are available from all HM museums and sites. Price ?25. Limited number of tickets available.

Programme of Events

18.30 ? 20.00 – Entrance at reception desk at the ?a?ar Qim Visitor Centre (I.D. required). Free drinks.

18.30 ? 19.00 – The visitor centre will be open and free to audience members.

19.00 ? 19.30 – The audience is invited inside the audio visual hall for a short speech by Dr Michael Zammit, followed by ?The Architecture of the Sacred? an 11 min documentary by Dr Michael Zammit. Film is repeated.

19.20 – Ushers guide the audience towards the ?a?ar Qim Temple gates. There is a ticket check at the gates prior to entering the Temples. The audience walks along the pathway through the Temples to the performance area.

19.30 – Commencement of the Concert. Duration 90 minutes without intermission. Mario Sammut, a.k.a. Cygna, begins the concert with a 40 minute performance, followed by Vincent Villuis, a.k.a. Aes Dana, with his 40 minute performance. Cygna and Aes Dana perform a 10 minute piece together to close the event.