Pane di Spagna – Another Inquisitor’s historic cookalong session

Heritage Malta will host another Inquisitor’s historic cookalong session. This time the Pane di Spagna, a highly sought sweet, in 17th and 18th Century Europe will be explored.

On 24 April 1798 the Apostolic Delegate and Inquisitor Giulio Carpegna (1793-1798) finished compiling the list of objects found in the Inquisitor’s Palace, including the kitchen complex. Among the several kitchen tools and equipment listed, specialized copper and tin trays served to entertain the Inquisitor’s sweet tooth. As an important aspect of the Palace’s material Baroque culture, the tools and equipment further attests to a sophisticated culinary culture enjoyed by a selected few.

In order to bake biscuits: una tortiera quadra per biscotteneria con manico, un forno di rame con sua anima per biscottoneria e suo coperchio and due lastre di rame per biscottoneria.  And then, diecotto forme di latte per pane di spagna, eighteen tin moulds used for the baking of a fine and soft cake.

When whole societies dreamt of eating white bread, the Inquisitor was preparing fine bread, the Pane di Spagna. Commonly prepared in sophisticated kitchens in Early Modern world. An eighteenth-century recipe found in the Maltese archives opens a window onto the taste of this highly sought sweet.

Dr Noel Buttigieg will help participants explore the subject, while chef Josef Baldacchino will be conducting a historic cookalong session of pane di spagna recipes.

This is an exclusive sensory experience for a limited number of participants. The event will be held on Thursday 22nd June at the Inquisitor’s Palace and starts at 7.30pm. Proceeds from this event will help in the refurbishment of the kitchens back to its busy days. Participants will be entitled to one complimentary copy of ‘St. Paul’s Catacombs Archaeological Heritage Conservation Project’.

TICKETSfor the price of €12 and €10 for Heritage Malta members, are available from all Heritage Malta sites and museums and ONLINE

For further details please call 2166 3731.