One of Heritage Malta’s aims is to foster European and international relationships with other parties which share same or similar objectives in the area of cultural heritage and conservation practice.

Heritage Malta is actively participating in a number of EU Programmes under different EU funding programmes managed by the European institutions. They vary in content and objectives depending on the nature of the programme or project itself. Due to its wide remit within the cultural heritage and conservation sector, Heritage Malta is always looking forward for new possibilities in partnering with others participating parties from various countries.


Current Projects

Carare Archaeotur Project
EAFRD – Rehabilitation of Roman
Baths and Christian Catacombs (REBACA)
in Mgarr and Mosta
ERDF 032 – Archaeological Heritage Conservation Project
ERDF 245 – Fort St Angelo Heritage Experience


Completed Projects

Lithos Project
Med.Archeo.Sites: Study and Valorisation of Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean Area – Interreg IIIB Archimed
ERDF – Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Archaeological Park
ESF 1.31 Wood CPR: Education and Training in Wood Conservation-Restoration
SPA Site and Sea Actions Saving Puffinus yelkouan in Malta – Garnija-Maltija
MINERVA Digitisation Project
Michael Plus
Cultexchange Project