MinervaEC is a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content.

Project Summary:

MinervaEC is a proposal for a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content. It is intended as a strategic network, bringing together stakeholders and experts from all the EU Member States, capitalising on the results achieved by the IST Minerva project (http://www.minervaeurope.org), supporting the Dynamic Action Plan of the NRG launched in Bristol on 16th November 2005 and the proposals by France and the European Commission to develop a European Digital Library.

MinervaEC will operate through the coordination of national policies, programmes and institutions of the cultural sector and by supporting the National Representatives Group of the European Ministries of Culture. Its goal is to support the creation of added value products and services at European level to improve awareness of the state-of-the-art in the sector, to contribute to the elimination of fragmentation and duplication of digitisation activities of cultural and scientific content and to maximise synergies among Member States.

The following tasks will be implemented:

– Development of the European Cultural Content Interoperability Framework, to provide clear guidance on the creation, use and management of cultural content across Europe by establishing an informal network of competence centres funded at National level across Europe and enabling them to work together

– Establishment of the Quality, Usability and Accessibility service mediating the complexity of the European cultural information space for users to ensure that it is accessible, relevant and usable

– Development of a repository of cases of good practices in the area of enriched cultural content, working towards digital cultural heritage to reflect and to promote European cultural and linguistic diversity

– Coordination, Assessment, Mobilisation, Awareness and Dissemination functions.


MinervaEC will be run by a network of Ministries of Culture in cooperation with many cultural institutions.