EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project is a partly sponsored EU partnership initiative led by Bird Life Malta of four government authorities and three conservation organisations.

Heritage Malta through its National Museum of Natural History is participating as a Project Partner in an EU Life Natura 2000 called SPA Site and Sea Actions Saving Puffinus Yelkouan in Malta – Garnija-Maltija. The other partners in this project led by Bird Life Malta are the RSPB (Royal Society of the Protection of Birds,UK) , AFM (Armed Forces of Malta), MCFS (Malta Centre for Fisheries Sciences), SPEA, MMA (Malta Maritime Authority). This project is co-financed by MEPA and HSBC.

The site for this project has been identified as “Rdum tal-Madonna” in Mellieha.

The official Start Date for the Project was 1 September 2006.

Project Objective: the project objective is that of increasing the Maltese population of Puffinus yelkouan.

Project Actions: a number of actions are being planned which will help in achieving the ultimate objective of this project.

The primary actions under this project are a Project Conference which will serve as the first major public awareness event; the Identification of fishing grounds; the prevention of activities near the colony; the stopping of illegal ferreting; a plan for Marine IBAs; the removal of trapping sites; a rodent control plan and law enforcement by land and sea.

Further details about this project may be obtained by emailing John J. Borg, HeritageMalta’s Curator of the National Museum of Natural History who is Heritage Malta’s project’s co-ordinator.

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