Rabbit meat in another historic cookalong session at the Inquisitor’s Palace

Should anyone ask Maltese people to draw a list of traditional food, rabbit will surely score high. Rabbit recipes feature in practically all Maltese cookery books, including Ctieb tal Cchina –  published in  1894  and considered by many as the first printed recipe book in Maltese. Yet rabbit meat was popular much earlier than this. Research in historic archives reveals that whether hunted or raised by peasants, rabbit meat stocked the Islands with meat for centuries. Rabbit in 17th and 18th century Malta will be the subject of another historic cookalong session at the Inquisitor’s Palace.

The Knights of St John issued several edicts to regulate rabbit and hare hunting. The archives of the Inquisition provide references to a sophisticated kitchen with a multitude of pots, pans and utensils to cook meat. Moreover the trial documents offer indispensable insights into the consumption of rabbit meat. The Apulian painter Gio Matteo Stagno consumed pezzi di coniglio while Claretta Sguro prepared un pastizzo di carne di coniglio. Since then, the Maltese continue to prepare rabbit in different ways and forms. From a source of survival to a marker of national consciousness, fenkata persists as an integral part of Maltese memory.

During the event, Dr Noel Buttigieg will help participants explore the subject, while chef Josef Baldacchino will be conducting a historic cookalong session of the pastizzo di carne di coniglio.

The first session was fully booked, yet, due to high participation demand ‘Rabbit in 17th and 18th century Malta’ will be offered again on Tuesday 20th February at the Inquisitor’s Palace at 7.30pm.This is another exclusive sensory experience for a limited number of participants. Proceeds from this event will help Heritage Malta refurnish the kitchens back to its busy days. Participants will also be entitled to one complimentary copy of The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum project book.

Tickets at €12 are available from all Heritage Malta sites & museums, and ONLINE.

Heritage Malta members can benefit from a discounted admission of €10.

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