The Freshwater Crab

Malta’s small size and appreciably dry climate are reflected in the sparse distribution of perennial and abundant freshwater streams, the habitat of the ten-footed, small-sized and carnivorous freshwater crab. Indeed, this invertebrate has a sparse distribution, namely a handful of places in northwest Malta and in central Gozo.

The Killifish

Its small size and limited distribution make the Buzaqq (English: Mediterranean Killifish) a lesser known local species. It thrives in the restricted brackish– water environs of Marsascala, Birzebbuga, Marsaxlokk and Ghadira,. Males grow up to 6 cm in length, while adult females can measure slightly over 7 cm.

The Maltese Rock Centaury

The Maltese Rock Centaury is endemic to the Maltese Islands. Besides, it only flourishes in south-facing coastal cliffs and is surprisingly absent from the island of Comino. Thanks to its fleshy evergreen leaves and delicate purple flowers carried on elegant stems, the distribution of this hard wearing plant is registering significant growth given the frequent inclusion in landscaping projects.

Blue Rock Thrush

Renowned for its blue plumage and velvet song, the Blue Rock Thrush is a resident bird of the Maltese Islands. Following its declaration as the national bird and the enactment of a law prohibiting its trapping, the population count registered encouraging increases during the past years.